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  1. Avramović Zoran
  2. Bojković Zoran
  3. Vešović Vujadin
  4. Gladović Pavle
  5. Gospić Nataša
  6. Jovanović Dragutin
  7. Radmilović Zoran
  8. Kujačić Momčilo
  9. Zečević Slobodan
  10. Čokorilo Olja
  11. Tadić Snežana
  12. Lipovac Krsto


  1. Albreht Ilija
  2. Aleksić Borivoje
  3. Bogdanović Vuk
  4. Ljajić Izet
  5. Radičević Vukašin
  6. Uglić Mirsada
  7. Logarušić Josip



  1. Đuričić Ratko
  2. Twrdy Elen


  1. Дробњаковић Дејан
  2. Остојић Раденко


Avramović Zoran

1953, Loznica

Mr. Avramović graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, where he received his MA and then PhD in 1988. He was elected Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Traffic, University of Belgrade, the pan-European university “Apeiron” in Banja Luka and Faculty of Management in transport and communications” in Berane (Montenegro). He is Visiting professor at the respected University American College Skopje – Faculty of Computer technology and informatics, FYR Macedonia.
Prof. Avramović has so far published 191 scientific and professional work. As a manager, author, coauthor, or associate participated in the development of 143 studies and projects.
As a technical consultant Multimedia ITV company from Belgrade designed and implemented technical and commercial solutions VAS SMS service, which was put into operation as the first solution in this part of Europe.
He realized the information-communication system that encompassed the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia and that integrate phone, communication, computer and television system as a whole, and treat any location in the telephone system of the country.
He has received a large number of awards and recognitions among which Gold Medal for Merit in Electrical, Electrical Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.


Bojković Zoran

1941, Beograd

Mr. Bojković received his BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1964, 1974 and 1978, respectively.
Since 1969, he has been with the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. He is full professor of Electrical Engineering from 1987. From 1993 until now, he is a visiting professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, TX, USA, EE Department, Multimedia Systems Lab. Prof. Bojković was a visiting professor worldwide, i.e., in Germany, USA, China, Korea, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Portugal.
He is the co-author of the 5 international monographs. Also, he has published 2 national monographs and 13 textbooks, as well as more than 400 papers in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and publications. He has conducted workshops/tutorials and seminars worldwide and participated in 67 scientific and industrial projects. He has been a consultant to industry, research institutes and academia.
Prof. Bojković is an active researcher in wire/wireless multimedia communications. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and WSEAS, member of EURASIP, and a member of New York Academy of Science, a member of PRO – MPEG Forum, and International Association for Science and Technological Development IASTED, Calgary, Canada.
Also, he has got award " Princeton Premier", USA, for Business Leaders and Professionals for 2008.


Vešović Vujadin

1939, Berane, Crna Gora

Mr. Vešović graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade in 1966. He received MSc and PhD degree in 1972 and 1976 respectively, at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
He was awarded a fellowship by IREX from 1973 to 1974 performing research in the field of technology organization and management in the USA, at Princeton University, Florida State University, Harvard University, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the University of Michigan.
From 1975 to 1977 he was lecturer at the Technical Faculty of the University of Podgorica, teaching on the subject of economy and production organization. In 1977 he was elected assistant professor at the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade. In 1981 was promoted to associated professor and in 1986 to full professor performing research on the subject of organization of economy of joint ventures in traffic and transportation. At the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade he lectured on subjects organization of economy of joint ventures in traffic and transportation and organization of work in traffic and transportation (undergraduate studies); theory of organization, management, strategic management, managing investments and projects, project organization in traffic and transportation (master and specialist studies). He was invited to hold lectures at the Faculty of Economy (undergraduate studies) and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (master studies) of the University of Belgrade; the Faculty of Technical Transportation of the University of Doboj (master studies), the Military Academy of Belgrade (undergraduate and master studies). When was necessary he lectured at the Federal Air Traffic Control.
He was a director of the Institute, Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade for 2 terms (1981-1985), dean of the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade (1988-2000), vice-president of the Yugoslavian Academy of Engineering (2003-2007) and director of the institute of the Yugoslavian Academy of Engineering (2006-2008).
Prof. Vešović is author and co-author of over 70 scientific research projects and 160 scientific and professional articles published in national and international journals, or presented on national and international conferences. He was the head of the Yugoslavian expert team for the drafting of the strategy of development of traffic and connections SFRJ and many others. He has organized nine scientific and professional meetings.
For his achievements he was awarded with the Order of Work with Golden Wreath of Yugoslavia in 1990. He has also received many charters and recognitions.


Gladović Pavle

1951, Beograd

He graduated from the Faculty of Transport in Belgrade in 1975, at the department for road and urban traffic and transport. He obtained his master's degree in 1986 at the Faculty of Transport, University of Belgrade. . In 1994, he obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of Transport, University of Belgrade, with the thesis entitled "Contribution to research on the effects of tariff politics on greater mobility in urban public passenger transportation". Pavle Gladović spent about 20 years working in Belgrade public transit company, on various specialized and mana­gement jobs as an associate engineer, engineer and leading engineer, as the head of a trolley BOAL and ”Dorćol” manufacturing firm, vice director and director of the firm. He has been employed at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, at the department for traffic and transport engineering since 1996, first as an assistant professor, then as an associate professor, and since 2005 as a full professor. He teaches the following courses: Road Traffic Technology and Road Traffic Organi­zation at undergraduate academic studies; Quality System in Road Transport and Information Systems in Road Traffic at master academic studies; Optimization of the Goods Transportation Process and Passenger Transport Process Optimization at doctoral studies.
Professor Pavle Gladović is the author of around 150 scientific papers.He worked, as one of the authors, on 50 studies, surveys, and projects dealing with the organization and planning of the development of auto transport companies. He is the author of four textbooks.


Gospić Nataša

1946, Karlovac, Hrvatska

Mrs. Gospić obtained her dipl.eng's degree in 1979 from the University Belgrade, Electrical Engineering Faculty. She obtained her master’s degree in 1990, from University of Belgrade, Electrical Engineering Faculty and PhD from University Belgrade, Transport and Traffic Engineering Faculty in 1996.
From 1970 to 1972 she used to work as engineer constructor in Elektronska industrija, Belgrade. After that till 1978 she worked for PTT Pristine as a manager for research, investment and projects. From 1978 to 2000 she worked for Community of Yugoslav PTT as an engineer, then manager for transmission systems, Councillor to CYPTT, a Head of R&D Department, a Head of International Affairs Department, and an Assistant to General Manager for R&D and International matters. From 2000 to 2001 she was employed by Telecom Montenegro in Podgorica as Advisor to General Manager, and from 2001 to 2002 as General Manager of second mobile operator in Montenegro-MONET. From June 2003 she is employed by Transport and Traffic Engineering Faculty, Belgrade as associated professor.
Mrs. Gospić has long experiences in pedagogical area and she teaches at University Belgrade, University Novi Sad and University Banja Luka as well as at Faculty for transport and Communication Management, Berane. She was the author and co-author of five international monographs, one national monograph, 6 papers in prestige international journal, 46 papers on international conferences, from which 50 papers on national conferences.
She is a member member of Scientific Council of Telecommunication Regulatory Agency, RATEL, of Republic Government Council on Gender Equality and a president of NGO “Equal Opportunities“


Jovanović Dragutin

1954, Valjevo

After graduating from Military Technical Academy in Zagreb, in 1977, he obtained an MA degree in 1984 from the field of rail transport organisation. He had successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Optimisation of the Organisation of Rail Transport for Massive Transportation of Armed Forces” on May 16, 1991. Mr. Jovanovic went through the entire university hierarchy, starting off as an as­sistant lecturer, ultimately obtaining the position of full time professor. He became an assistant lecturer in 1981; lecturer in 1985; senior lecturer in 1990; assistant professor in 2001, and full time professor in 2001 and 2008. He served on a number of senior management posts in Defence Ministry's Education Department: Head of Department for Transport at the Military Technical Academy; 1992-1994, Head of Transportation Department at the Military Technical Academy; 1994.-2001, Representative of the head of the Military Technical Academy; 2001-2002, Head of Department for Postgraduate Studies at Defence Ministry; 2002-2004, Head of the Education Department at Defence Ministry; 2004-2008, Deputy Head of Military Academy; 2008-2009. He is presently employed at Belgrade Polytechnic – College of Professional Stu­dies, where he teaches the following undergraduate courses: Logistics, Equipment for Work and Protective Gear, and Logistics of Waste Materials. He teaches the following courses at the Specialist Professional Studies: Mana­gement of Products at the End of Life Cycle, and Ergonomics. Besides his te­aching duties, Mr. Jovanovic also works as the manager of a study program “Ma­nagement of Quality”.
He has authored and co-authored a number of works, including nine textbooks, two workbooks, one practicum, a monograph, eleven scripts and handbooks, as well as 98 scientific papers presented at various meetings and congresses in Serbia and abroad. He further authored 30 works published in peer-reviewed national magazines, 2 works published in an internationally-recognised magazine, with another 3 works prepared and submitted to relevant international magazines.


Radmilović Zoran

1944, Beograd

Mr. Radmilović is professor at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (FTTE) of the University of Belgrade (UB). He received his Ph.D. in Technological Sciences from FTTE, UB, in 1989. His research interests are port operations, port networks and links, port queuing systems, fleet planning and operations.
He is Head of Division for Water Transport and Traffic Engineering, FTTE, Head of Association for Research and Promotion of Inland Waterways and Maritime Activities, Danube-Sea, a Member of International Standing Committee of Marine Industry, Varna, Bulgaria, Director and a member of International Scientific Committee of the International Conference Maritime Transport, Barcelona, Spain.
He gives lectures on port operations and management, port planning and development, fleet operations and management. The field of his expertise are: port operations, planning and design, port development, analysis and modeling, port networks and links, fleet planning and operations. He is a consultant for professional engineers in waterborne transport and traffic. He is also a project manager and/or author of more than 60 projects in the area of ports and water traffic and transport.
Until now, he has published 55 papers in english language in the following countries: USA, Spain, South Korea, Canada, Norway, Japan, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, Hungary and Vietnam. He has founded theoretical basis in the field of application of operations research in river and maritime transport system and port planning and development. Mr. Radmilović has developed the school for planning and development of river and maritime transport system in Serbia and Montenegro.


Kujačić Momčilo

1950, Zrenjanin

Prof. Dr Momčilo Kujačić is a professor at Department for Transport, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and Head of the Department for Postal Services and Communications. He was born on July 2 1950 in Klek, near Zrenjanin. He graduated from the Faculty of Transportation in Belgrade, Department for Postal Services. He also completed his MSc degree and Ph.D. at the Faculty of Transportation in Belgrade. Upon completing his studies he pursued employment in the RO PTT Transport Zrenjanin, in the period from 1978 to 1991. This is where he held various positions starting off with professional advisory role and progressing to the Head of Postal Services, Director of OOUR and Director of Working Unit and Organisation of PTT Zrenjanin. From 1991 to 2004 Momcilo was working for JP PTT Transport Serbia in Belgrade as the Director for Department for Postal Traffic, Associate to General Director and Strategy and Development Director. In parallel and alongside his work for Serbian Post he also engaged in work for Faculty of Transportation in Belgrade, where he held lectures as remarkable industry expert. From 2004 he officially started working for Faculty of Transportation in Novi Sad. Over 25 years of his professional career he dedicated to work in strategic and operational management and leadership in Postal Services.
He published over 70 academic works and professional publications of which:8 articles have been published in publications with international recognition with peer review; 18 research papers in international journals with peer reviews; 15 articles published in journals with national recognition and peer reviews; 29 professional works in nationally recognised publications with peer reviews.He was also involved in the delivery of 18 projects related to postal traffic, of which most have been completed and executed.He also published 6 university textbooks and one monograph.


Zečević Slobodan

1953, Beograd

Prof. Zečević received his BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Department of Logistics. He gains teaching experience by being elected to all teaching positions, from student assistant to full professor. He actively participates in the innovation of plans and programs for the department, which in 2000 was called the Department of Logistics. He created and introduced study programs of logistics at similar faculties in Republic of Srpska and Montenegro. The narrower scientific field in which Prof. Zečević has very significant results are Intermodal transport, logistics centers and city logistics. He was vice-dean for studies at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade (2007-2009), a member of the Council of the Technical and Technological Sciences of the University of Belgrade (2007-2009) and for several terms head of the Department of Logistics He is the founder and president of the Group and the Council for City Logistics, at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. He is a regular member of the Engineering Academy of Serbia and for many years a member of the Jury for awarding prizes for the best doctorates, master's and bachelor's theses at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the program committees of several international conferences.
Prof. Zečević is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award "Belgrade Winner", for results in the field of logistics (2017). He is the initiator and author of the program for obtaining the 365 license for the Responsible Designer for Logistics. He was a mentor in the preparation of over 350 and a member of the defense committee on over 300 final theses in undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies. He is the author of seven books, three monographs and over 130 scientific papers. He has participated in more than 110 scientific and professional projects and studies and developed about 50 methodologies and models in the field of logistics.


Čokorilo Olja

1977, Beograd

She graduated (2003) and obtained her master (2007) and doctoral degree (2010) at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of traffic and transport engineering, where she was elected a full professor (2020) at the Division of Aircraft. She realized professional training in AENA, Madrid (Spain) and CRDS EUROCONTROL, Budapest (Hungary). She participated in the development of over 40 national and international projects and studies in the field of air transport. She is the author of several books and monographs and over 120 published and proceeded papers, especially in the field of aviation safety. She is the founder and editor-in-chief (since 2011) of the International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering (M24). She is the founder and director (since 2012) of the ICTTE - International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering. She achieves successful academic cooperation worldwide. She is engaged in the scientific committees of renowned international conferences and journal editorial boards, as well as the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) actions management committees "Transport equity analysis: assessment and integration of equity criteria in transportation planning" (2013-2017) and "Wider impacts and scenario evaluation of autonomous and connected transport" (2017-2021). She won the Norway embassy scholarship (2000), the award for the best scientific research work of students at the University of Belgrade (2002/2003) and the award for support and development of science in the field of transport and technology awarded by Promet Traffic & Transportation journal (2019). She is ethics reviewer in scientific and technological research projects within the European Commission programs (since 2015) for the SESAR, Clean Sky 2, Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Space, Energy, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, etc. She is a reviewer at the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NEAQA) (since 2018). She is a member of the Association of Italian and Serbian Scientists and Scholars - AIS3 (since 2013), Serbian Chamber of Engineers (since 2007), Air Transport Research Society (since 2008), Società Italiana Infrastrutture Viarie - SIIV (since 2012), Academy of Executive Coaching, AoEC (since 2018), etc. She is the president of Section of other graduate technical engineers designers - regional office Belgrade, Serbian Chamber of Professional Engineers (2016-2019), observer of the Member States Advisory Body (MAB) to EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency (2016-2020) and EASA Safety Promotion Network Community member (2016-2020). She is the president of the Management Board of the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia (since 2015). She is a regular member of the Engineering Academy of Serbia (IAS).


Tadić Snežana

1974, Nikšić, Crna Gora

Dr Snežana Tadić, associate professor, was born in Niksic, where she finished elementary and high school. She graduated and obtained her master and PhD degrees at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade. She won the award of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce for the best PhD dissertations for 2014/2015.
Since 2001, she has been working at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Department of Logistics. She is engaged in teaching activities of basic, master and doctoral studies for a group of subjects in the scientific fields of Intermodal Transport, Logistics Centers and City Logistics. She was a mentor in the preparation of more than 40 and a member of the defense commissions of over 350 graduate, BSc and MSc theses. She is the author of five books, three textbooks and two monographs, a chapter in an international monograph and over 110 papers. She is a member of the editorial board of two international journals, was a guest editor in several international journals and a member of the program committee of several international conferences.
She participated in the development of 33 studies and projects. She was one of the founders and vice-president of the Group for city logistics at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, and since 2017 she has been a member of the Council for city logistics of the Serbia Chamber of Commerce. She is a local coordinator of the CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) network, FINALIST (Fostering sustainable partnership between academia and industry in improving applicability of logistics thinking). As an invited speaker, she gave several lectures and participated in several workshops and conferences. She was a lecturer at the international conference on smart cities (Berlin, 2016), a lecturer at the summer school of logistics and intermodal transport (1st Logistic and Intermodal Summer School for the Danube Region) (Novi Sad, 2014) and participated in the training program for local governments of the Republic of Serbia, on the topic of city logistics.


Lipovac Krsto

1961, Višegrad, Bosna i Hercegovina

He graduated in 1984 from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic engineering, University of Belgrade, Department of Road and City Traffic and Transport, and then received his master's degree from the same faculty in 1987 and his doctorate in 1994. During his studies he was a vice-dean student (1981-1983). He was one of the founders (member of the registry commission) of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic engineering in Doboj, where he is still engaged as a full professor.
He worked at the Institute for Studies and Design of GSP in Belgrade, the Higher School of Internal Affairs (teacher and assistant director), the Criminal Police Academy, the Directorate for Education, Professional Development and Science in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, the Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia (director). Since 2015, he has been elected as a full professor at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic engineering, University of Belgrade, where he is the head of the department for traffic safety and road vehicles. He was a member of the Council for Road Safety of Belgrade, and now he is a member of the Council for the Safety of Military Road users, the Council for Road Safety of the Republic of Srpska, and the Council for Road Safety of BiH. He is a member of a number of working groups for the preparation of regulations in the field of road safety, and he was the main coordinator of the preparation of the Law on Road Traffic Safety (Serbia, 2009).
He is the founder and vice president of the International Road Safety Center. He actively participates in the preparation and organization of numerous scientific and professional conferences dedicated to road safety.
He has managed or participated in the realization of over 100 studies and projects of road traffic safety. He has been involved in 18 international projects to improve road safety in the region (Southeast Europe), in the EU and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, as follows: 6 World Bank projects as a road safety expert, senior expert, or deputy team leader; 12 European Union projects (road safety expert & senior expert).
He has written over 350 scientific papers, of which 27 are scientific papers published in the most important scientific journals, from the SCI list. These and other papers have been cited in prestigious international journals over 800 times.
He is the author of 33 monographic publications (textbooks, manuals, etc.) in the field of road safety.


Albreht Ilija

1941, Zaječar

Graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade, Department of Ur­ban and Road Transport and Traffic in 1967. He began his career at the Institute of Traffic Engineering as a research trainee. He then worked at the Institute for Roads of the “Institute for Traffic Engineering and Economics” where he dealt with traffic designing and traffic signalization. In 1980 he transferred to the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering where he worked as a senior research assistant on applied scientific-research work and laboratory tasks in “Theory of the Flow and Capacity of Road Communications” and “Planning of Rural Roads”. He spent the rest of his years of service, from 1980 until retirement in 2006, at the Directorate for Roads of the Ministry of Traffic Transportation and Co­mmunications, namely at the Utility Company “Putevi Srbije” as Head of Depa­rtment, Adviser to the Minister and Adviser.Ilija Albreht gained his experience in traffic and road engineering working on over 150 traffic engineering projects and about 200 feasibility studies prepared for the International Bank credits related to road projects in Serbia, as well as in all the republics of ex Yugoslavia. He also worked on projects of traffic signalization as well as on their review.He took part in a significant number of scientific research papers.He has over 50 independent and group papers and 10 of them published in monographs and at scientific expert conferences in the country, as well as in national magazines and publications. He took part in the preparation of several regional plans, as well as in the state Review Committee for planning the infrastructural corridors of the Republic of Serbia highways.


Aleksić Borivoje

1954, Beograd

Graduated from Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in 1980. Ob­tained a Master of Science Degree from Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in 1996.
Employed in The Highway Institute in Belgrade since 1984 as Main Engineer for traffic and economy.
Employed as Chief of studies, research projects and informatics department since 1996. Permanently employed in “S Projekt” company since 2014.
Member of various expert teams and author of over 100 traffic and feasibility studies. Collaborated on over 150 road traffic projects and road signs for tourism projects. Also, collaborated in creating a state roads database on the former Yu­goslav territory.


Bogdanović Vuk

1966, Sremska Mitrovica

Education: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Traffic Depa­rtment, Road Traffic. Date from - tо (year): Oct.1986 - Nov.1991, graduated the first in the generation. Level of education: Date from - to (year): Nov.1994 - June 1998, MSc degree, the first in the generation. Level of education: Мaster of Technical Sciences. Date from - to (year): June 2001 - June 2005. Level of education Ph Degree of Technical Sciences. He has been employed at Faculty of Technical Sciences, University in Novi Sad since 10th March 1993. Currently with the title of Associate Professor, works as а lecturer in Traffic Department. He teaches more courses in the field of traffic en­gineering. His work experience includes more important functions such as: Head of Traffic Systems Department at Faculty of Technical Sciences , 2006-2008. Director of study programme Traffic and Transport in Traffic Department, Faculty of Tec­hnical Sciences, University in Novi Sad 2007-2008, 2009-2012. Director of Doctoral Studies of study programme Traffic, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University in Novi Sad 2007-2008. Head of Traffic Department, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University in Novi Sad, 2008-2009, 2009-2012. In national and international journals he published 12 articles as the author and coauthor. In previous work, Vuk Bogdanovic has been the coauthor of several scientific books, monographs and special chapters in scientific books.As an author and coauthor he published 30 scientific and expert articles in international and 56 in national scientific-expert meetings. He participated in three scientific projects of republic programme of tec­hno­logical development and in one scientific project of provincial programme.As the director or planner he took part in the design of 57 studies and projects and 17 technical controls. As a member of the commission of court experts, he participated in several hundred expertise of car accidents for the needs of courts in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ljajić Izet

1943, Duga Poljana

He enrolled Civil Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo where he graduated in 1971, in the study programme law constructions, with a Graduation Paper under its title Designing of Motorways. After finishing Faculty in 1971, he started his employment relation with AD “Novi Pazar-put”, where he worked until 31.03.2014- for almost 45 years. In 1977, he moved to a Stone Industry Company “Ukras” Novi Pazar, where he worked for a year. After expiration of this year, he returned to AD “Novi Pazar-put“. After half a year, he was appointed for Director Technical-technical personnel. He stayed in this post until 1981. In this period, for the lack of engineering-technical personnel, he was forced to pass all working phases- from a Manager of quarry, Chief of construction site, in our largest construction site in a road route Raška-Novi Pazar, that was a beginning impulse for development of our undeveloped company personnel. He was appointed for a Director of the Company on 15.11.1981 and he stayed in this post until his retirement. He has transfused his rich working experience into numerous expert papers, presented at scientific-expert meetings, congresses and conferences, held wide across our country (in its previous borders).
Construction of technical-technological objects: Rehabilitation and recon­struction of state roads IIA 207 (new road designation) (Р-119 (old road desig­nation)), IIБ 412 (Р-233), IIA 198 (Р-234), IВ 30 (Р-116), IIA 201 (Р-117), IIA 202 (Р-231), IIA 197 (Р-272), IIA 202 (Р-231а). Designing and rehabilitation of landslides and bridges on state roads: Landslides 18, Bridges 15. For his work and contribution of Company, he received numerous awards, among which the most important are the following: Labour Medal Winner in 1999, awarded by the President of the Republic, Diploma with Plaque of the Commerce Chamber of Serbia, Diploma with Plaque of the Regional Commerce Chamber etc.


Radičević Vukašin

1938, Podgorica, Crna Gora

Civil Engineering Faculty- Department for roads and railways - he completed in 1973 in Belgrade. After graduation, first employment was at the company for designing roads and bridges "Trasa", as associate designer. During his employment for "Trasa", he worked as associate designer, designer, main designer responsible designer and Project Manager.
From 1999 to 2003 he was Director of the Institute for the design of roads "Trasa". Since 2003 he is employed as professional advisors at the Institute for Highways in Belgrade.
During his professional career he has completed over 100 projects, studies, preliminary, conceptual and final designs, rehabilitation project, landslides project and gas stations project on the network of highways, main and regional roads of Serbia and Montenegro.
Some important projects in which he was manager and responsible designer are: Preliminary project of possible highway alternatives Belgrade - South Adriatic (Bar) - Phase I, Preliminary design of real highway options Belgrade - Montenegro border - Phase II, The study of highway corridor Mateševo – Podgorica, Preliminary project for Belgrade - Požega highway and Preliminary project for relocation of highway M - 22 Belgrade - Ljig on the section of the Kolubara coal basin.


Uglić Mirsada

1961, Novi Pazar

She graduated in 1984 at the Section of Roads and Railways of the Civil Engineering Faculty in Belgrade. After finishing her Faculty in 1984, she started working in a designing company “Sandzakorojekt” in Novi Pazar, where she worked until 2005. From 2005 until 2006, she worked per contract employment at AD “Novi Pazar-put”. From 2006, she works at the post of the Head of Technical Preparation at AD “ Novi Pazar-put”. At the same time, she was a Director of “Sandzakprojekt” in the period from 2006 until 2009, and she was a Director of “Sandzakprojekt” d.o.o Novi Pazar, and from 2009 until 2013 she was a Director of the company „Sandzakprojekt-niskogradnja“ d.o.o Novi Pazar. In her working period at “Sandzakprojekt” and “Sandzakprojekt-niskogradnja”, she did different expert and responsible works as a designer associate and a team member in designing of business, apartment blocks, industrial objects and objects of other purposes; a responsible designer of traffic roads, plateaus (asphalt and concrete lanes), parking spaces, arrangement of business objects, traffic solutions for crossing places, city traffic roads, local roads and cooperation with the Road Institute Belgrade, in the project designing of the state road Novi Pazar-Tutin, section Novi Pazar-Pazariste; a responsible urban designer in management of urban plans of traffic roads and supervising of work performance in the projects she did and in works that other designing companies did.
The objects where she worked were placed in the Raska Area (Novi Pazar, Raska, Tutin, Sjenica and Kraljevo), but also in other wider areas in Rozaje, Prijepolje, Kosovo and other locations. At “Novi Pazar-put”, she performed and still does numerous responsible works. At the level of the city of Novi Pazar, with her experience and knowledge, she gave her contribution in arrangement, development of the road network and creation of safety conditions in traffic regulation as its long-year member of expert teams and commissions and councils.
Besides doing her expert and responsible works in her professional job, she also does scientific-research work, in the area of improvement of the conditions of the road network, both of state road network and local roads and streets in the area of Raska Area. She worked as a team member and as a responsible manager of the team in several scientific-research papers.As the head of the team for traffic, she participated in making of several studies of smaller and bigger populated locations from the aspect of urban planning. She published more than 10 papers in collection books and publications (from expert and scientific meetings).
In her vocational education, and based on her accomplished results of her professional works, the narrow special field of Mirsada Uglic, a graduated Civil Engineer is low construction– reconsidering of the existing condition and development of the road network in the Raska Area. All this, with her primary aim to increase economic and economical development of these areas. For her work, she has been awarded and received several awards and Thank-you-notes.


Logarušić Josip

1951, Šid

In 1975, Josip (Marko) Logarusic, Master C.E. graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Sarajevo, traffic department, and in 2002. he entered the department Investment Management and Exchange Operations at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and in 2005. he graduated and became Master of Technical Sciences in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management after dissertation defense of master's thesis on "Project management as the basis for the improvement of investment projects in civil engineering". For the first 10 years he had been working at the company Sremput in Ruma on road construction and maintenance, as an engineer, at the construction site, and later as a technical director and as a director of a basic organization of associated labour Izgradnja. After being employed in the operative, he worked as a director of the Electronic Computer Center and as a director of the Institute for Urban Planning and Economic and Technical Affairs in Sid and in Sidprojekt ltd in Sid he worked as a director of the company and now works there as an independent civil engineer. So far, he has participated in the development of a number of conceptual and main designs for the construction of new and reconstruction of the existing roads and traffic surfaces and industrial tracks. He is the technical controller of many civil engineering projects, a member of teams in the development of a number of feasibility studies and investment programs, and a member of the commissions for public insight into planning documents.
Expert technical supervision on the construction, reconstruction and revitalization of roadways on state roads of the first and the second rank he carried out in many sections, on the extension and expansion of roads of many border crossing points and customs terminals and the construction of the front toll station Vrcin. With the construction and engineering company Sidprojekt from Sid, he built many residential and commercial buildings, and before that, with the company Sremput from Ruma he built several hundreds of kilometers, highways, main roads, regional and local roads and reconstructed the left track of the main electric railway Belgrade-Zagreb, section: Sid - Kukujevci - Ruma. He participated in the work of the commissions for technical inspection of many sections of highways, first and second rank state roads, repair of bridges, landslides and a number of local roads and streets. He was a member of the Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina, and now he is a member of the Steering Committee and the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina, the Steering Committee of the Serbian Road Society and is a member of the Engineering Academy of Serbia. In 2009, he received the Plaque of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia for his achievements in the development and improvement of the economy of the Republic of Serbia, also the Annual Award of Srem Economic Chamber for economic achievements in 2014. and in 2017. he received the Golden Plaque of the Association of Road Employers of the Republic of Serbia Putar for exceptional contribution to the development of the road economy.


Đuričić Ratko

1961, Doboj, Bosna i Hercegovina

In 1987 he graduated from University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Department for Railway Traffic and Transport, where he also gained master's (2002) and doctor's degree (2005). Ratko is one of the cofounders of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Doboj (founded in 2005), University of East Sarajevo, where he holds a faculty position as a full professor. In the period from 2014 – 2019 he served as a Vice-dean for research and science at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Doboj, member of the Senate of the University of East Sarajevo for two terms and the president of the Board of Directors of the University.
He started his professional career at ŽTP Sarajevo and has worked as an engineer since 1986. From 1988 -1992 he worked at the Railway Institute "Cybernetics", where he acquired the titles of junior engineer, independent engineer and leading engineer. In the period from 1996-2011 he worked at the Railways of the Republic of Srpska as the head of the development service, assistant general director for development and investments, executive director for development, and then from 2015-2019 he was the president of the Supervisory Board of the Railways of the Republic of Srpska. During the last 20 years he has been actively involved in the development of the economy in the Republic of Srpska through active cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce. He held function of the President of the Board of Directors of Doboj Regional Chamber of Commerce, served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Republic of Srpska Chamber of Commerce and the Vice President of the Republic of Srpska Chamber of Commerce.
Ratko was a mentor in a preparation of more than 50 final papers in undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies and member of a committee for more than 100 final papers in undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies. In his work so far, he has participated in or managed the development of over 30 studies, scientific and commercial (professional) projects. He was the manager


Twrdy Elen

1966, Koper, Slovenija

Elen Twrdy, Full Professor, received her MSc degree from the Faculty of Maritime Studies (University of Rijeka, Croatia) in 1995 and her PhD from the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport (University of Ljubljana) in 2003. From 2007 to 2019 she was the Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport (University of Ljubljana), and from 2019 to the present, she is the Head of the Department of Transport Technology.
She has been working at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport (University of Ljubljana) since 1992. She has a lot of teaching experience, having been elected to all teaching positions, from assistant in 1992 to full professor in 2015. Today she lectures at the first, second and third levels (doctoral studies). She is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Zadar (Croatia) and the University of Catania (Italy). She has been a mentor to many students at all levels of study.
Professor Elen Twrdy is the author of about 160 scientific papers. She has written several academic and research papers in the field of transport technology and transport logistics, with the special research area of terminals, ports and maritime transport. She has participated as one of the authors in many studies, surveys and research projects dealing with the planning, organisation and development of transport systems. She is the author of several textbooks.
She is a representative of UL and a member of ECTRI European Conference of Transport Research Institutes, a member of Slovenian Association for Transport Science, a member of the Scientific Committee of RETE - association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities, a member of the Section of the Scientific Committee for Transport of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Drobnjaković Dejan

1933, Risan, Crna Gora

He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade in 1959. He did his professional training in project planning and road construction in Italy in 1966. and 1967. After finishing his studies, he became employed in the Bokav con­stru­ction company in Kotor as manager of the construction site and also technical director until 1963. After that, he started working in Titograd (today known as Podgorica), in the newly formed Directorate for the construction of the Jadran road, which handled the work of investors and was in charge of all expert work on project planning and construction of the Jadran roads in Mo­ntenegro. He was head engineer, and in 1964 he became general director of the Di­re­cto­rate. He was the general director of Crnagoraput from 1968 until 1974. From 1968. until 1974. 403km of main roads was constructed, which represents the biggest success in road development in Montenegro to this day. In mid 1974, by the decision of the Montenegrin government, he was given the job as director of the Directorate responsible for constructing the second phase of the Bar port. Within five years, the cargo handling capacity was expanded from 1.5 million tons to 5.5 million tons, with the possibility of further expansion of 12.5 million tons annually.

After successfully completing his duties in the Bar port, he was chosen as director of a big project which involved constructing eight silos for grains in eight places in Aljazeera (worth $250 million), which was being conducted under his watch until 1983. For the next three years, he was the main engineer in the construction of the railway Podgorica-Skadar. After the completion of this task, he was director of the Republic Fund for roads in Montenegro from 1986 until 1993, and from 1993 until 1997 he was general director of the Montenegro Railway. From March 1997 until the end of 2000, he was Minister of Transportation in the federal government, during a very difficult time and in difficult con­ditions of the economic blockade of Yugoslavia and NATOaggression on Yugoslavia. He was awarded with the medal of merit with silver rays and medals of labor with gold and silver wreaths.


Ostojić Radenko

1952, Kotor, Crna Gora

Mr. Ostojić graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Sarajevo, 1977. He is employed, since 1977 in “Crnagora put-Bureau for the study and design”. From the beginning he worked on the development projects of main roads, regional and local roads, city streets, boulevards, and later motorways. From 1986 to 1990 he was Director at named Bureau.
He established in 1990 a private business enterprise "Put-inženjering", which is engaged in engineering and construction, where it is now in his full capacity as director.
He has worked on more than 50 General, Conceptual and Final designs. Some of the most important are: The Final design of the main road Trebinje-Nikšić, Preliminary and Final design of the highway Slijepač Most- Tomaševo-Pavino polje. Also he has worked on lot of Preliminary and the Final design of reconstruction of main roads and on lot of Preliminary and Final designs of roads of lower rank and roads reconstruction projects, street reconstruction projects, landslides projects etc. He participated dozens of times in the revision of planning documentation, designs and studies and technical review of all roads ranks.