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  1. Avramović Zoran
  2. Grozdanović Miroljub


  1. Veličković Zoran
  2. Erić Miljko
  3. Raković Radoslav



  1. Baranov Leonid Avramovič
  2. Mojsejevič Injkov Jurij



Avramović Zoran

(1953, Loznica)
Mr. Avramović graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, where he received his MA and then PhD in 1988. He was elected Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Traffic, University of Belgrade, the pan-European university “Apeiron” in Banja Luka and Faculty of Management in transport and communications” in Berane (Montenegro). He is Visiting professor at the respected University American College Skopje – Faculty of Computer technology and informatics, FYR Macedonia.
Prof. Avramović has so far published 191 scientific and professional work. As a manager, author, coauthor, or associate participated in the development of 143 studies and projects.
As a technical consultant Multimedia ITV company from Belgrade designed and implemented technical and commercial solutions VAS SMS service, which was put into operation as the first solution in this part of Europe.
He realized the information-communication system that encompassed the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia and that integrate phone, communication, computer and television system as a whole, and treat any location in the telephone system of the country.
He has received a large number of awards and recognitions among which Gold Medal for Merit in Electrical, Electrical Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.

Grozdanović Miroljub

(1947, Leskovac)
Mr. Grozdanović graduated from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Department of Digital Engineering, in Nis. He defended his master's thesis in 1987 at the Faculty of Occu-pational Safety in Nis. Doctoral dissertation he defended in 1989 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Upon graduation he was performing the following jobs: a development engineer in the Electronic Industry – Component Parts Plant, the investment programs manager in Iskra Commerce Ljubljana – the Niš Branch, the assistant general manager in TP "Elektrotehna" Niš, the assistant general manager for development and research and later the general manager deputy in EI Holding Corporation.
Within the Faculty of Occupational Safety, in 1994, he was elected the assistant professor for the subject "Ergonomic Design". In 1995 he entered part-time and in 1997 full-time employment. He was engaged in the subjects "Ergonomic Design", "Systems of Fire Detecting and Reporting" and "Living Environment Quality Planning and Control". He has been teaching Ergonomics at the postgraduate studies of the Faculty continually since the 1996/97 academic year. He was elected the full professor in 2003.
He was Dean on Faculty of Occupational Safety (2002-2004), Vice Rector of University of Nis (2004-2006) and in 2009 he held function of the Rector of University of Nis.
Prof. Grozdanović is the author of two monographs, 12 parts of books, about 220 scientific papers of which more than 120 were published and presented abroad.
The basic scientific preoccupation in his abundant research activities was the ergonomic design of management and control centers of automated systems and the methodological directions of ergonomic scientific thought development. In addition to these basic research fields, he is engaged in the problems of human reliability and human error, in quality management of working and living environment, that is the automation and human factor, in bio-cybernetic relations in the man-machine system, in human reengineering of work, in professional risk assessment, mathematical modeling of human activity, ergonomic standardization and ergonomic design of products.

Veličković Zoran

(1958, Niš)

At the Department of Automatic Control and Infor­matics Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Nis he graduated in 1983. At the same faculty he earned his M.Sc. in 1997- in the Department of Computer Science. He earned his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Banja Luka 2011. After graduation in 1984. he started working in the Electronic Industry Nis in the development sector RO "Professional Electronics". As a young engineer he is going through all the instances of the system for training engineers in the Electronics in­dustry, which was based on continuous learning and improvement. At the begi­nning of a career in the electronics industry he performs a Constructor, Independent En­gineers and later the Main engineer in the development sector. As the director of development at Ei "Professional Electronics" he is set in 1992, when it was realized the first national electronic electricity meters.Recognizing the importance of the market and customer relations, Ei professio­nal electronics in 2001 formed a new marketing and development and dr Zoran Velickovic comes at the its head like already seasoned engineer.Since 2004, dr Zoran Velickovic was engaged at the Higher Technical School in Nis as a senior lecturer when start his academic career. Since 2007, he received a steady engagement at the College of Applied Technical Sciences in Nis as a Professor of Professional Studies for specific scientific areas: Computer Science and Communication with electronics. He is also engaged in basic and specialized applied studies.Prof. He published ninety-two scientific papers. In the reno­wned international journals and scientific conferences he has published 50 papers, while in international journals and scientific conferences he has published 42 works. The works include the field of digital telecommunications, computing, programming and digital signal processing. Prof. Zoran Velickovic is co-author of three books which are used as textbooks in basic and specialized vocational studies.

Erić Miljko 

(1955, Gornji Milanovac)
He finished the Military Technical Academy in Zagreb – the department for electronics, where he graduated in 1979 as the first of his class with score of 9.80. He acquired his postgraduate (Magister’s) Degree in 1986.  He obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Technical Science Novi Sad with the subject of his thesis: “Spatio-frequency analysis of radio-frequency spectrum”. Between October 1981 and the end of 2009, he worked at the Military Technical Institute (MTI) Belgrade in the telecommunications department, as a researcher and head of units for electronic reconnaissance and electronic counter measure. Since 2002 he worked as the head of department for electronic reconnaissance and counter measure systems and systems engineering and as head of the telecommunications department and head of department for electronic systems. 

Since 2008 he has been engaged at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Uni­versity of Belgrade, where he teaches one subject on master studies and three subjects on PhD studies. Since he started working for MTI, he has continually been engaged in research of methods and technical solutions as well as the development related to systems for electronic reconnaissance (monitoring) of radio-frequency spectrum. His expertise is the field of spatio-temporal (array) processing of radio-communications and acoustic signals, specially MUSIC algorithm (MUltiple SIgnal Classification). He had published more than 160 papers so far within both national and inter­national conferences and magazines.Miljko Erić was either leader or involved in the various significant research and development projects within MTI, implemented for the System of Defence.

Raković Radoslav

(1955, Sombor)
He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 1979. Postgraduated studies he finished from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 1981. Doctoral dissertation with subject Contribution to methodology of software project cost estimate in process of planning and deve­lopment of information systems he defended in 2000. at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. He found a job in company Energoprojekt, Electric Power System department, in 1979, and was engaged in design of telecommunication systems in electric power industry organizations. He was engaged with the Army Military Technical Institute (MTI) in 1983. године, in the area of development and research of digital multiplex equipment as well as equipment for line transmission over wire and fibre optic cables. From the beginning of 1991. he was engaged with Energoprojekt Entel plc, for the first he was engaged in design and implementation of electric power te­lecommunication systems in Serbia and abroad (Qatar, Oman), next nine years he was engaged as Head of Telecom and IT department in EP Entel, and since 2003. he has been engaged as the Head of Integrated Management System (IMS) De­partment in Entel, in development and improvement of quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system energy management system as well as information security management system.

During his professional and research career he was engaged in areas of telecommunications, software engineering, renewable sources of energy (use of wind energy) integrated management systems and project management. He has been published more than 130 papers, including 6 in journals of international significance. In period 2008-2012. he was engaged as professor at The Project Management College in Belgrade. He managed two projects within the National Program of Energy Efficiency (NPEE), initiated by Ministry of science and environmental protection.

Baranov Leonid Avramovič

(1936, Kiev, Ukraine)
Mr. Baranov was employed at the Moscow State University (MGU - Moskovskii Gosudarstvennyi Universitet) in 1962. He defended his master’s thesis in 1966, and the doctoral dissertation in 1974. Since 1984, he has been the Head of the Department: Control and Information Technology in Technical Systems.
As the only author or co-author, prof. Baranov has published about 300 scientific and professional papers in Russia and abroad, out of which eight monographs, one textbook and 34 author’s patents.
He was awarded the Nikola Tesla Golden Medal for science in 1999 in the field of Theory of Transportation System Automatic Control, in particular because he has founded a scientific school in the field of underground train movement automatic control, has developed method for the analysis and synthesis of controllers for automatic train movement control system, and because he has obtained fundamental results in the field of quantization, time discretizations and setting up of random functions.

Mojsejevič Injkov Jurij

(1937,Tugulym, Russia)
professor at the Moscow State University (MGU - Moskovskii Gosudarstvennyi Universitet, MPS, MIIT).
So far he has published about 320 scientific and professional papers, books, publications, and he has a great number of patents in the field of electronics and electrical engineering.
He is a Meritorious Scientist of the Russian Federationand and member of the Russian Academy of Electrical Engineering Sciences (RAЭN) and Russian Academy of Transportation Sciences (RAT)
Mr. Mojsejevič is winner of the Golden Medal of the Russian Academy of Electrical Engineering Sciences (RAЭN) for merits in electrical engineering, and winner of the national award of Peter the Great.